Gary St. Lawrence
my words. my world.
Writing what I know ...

Welcome to my world of mystery and thriller stories, opinion columns, journalism, comic books and technical documentation, derived from and set within the places around the world that I have called home over the years.

Upcoming projects include an anthology of opinion works, entitled A Critical Aye: 30 Years of Pointing at the Emperor," highlighting three decades of political and social observation;, a bachelor's cookbook entitled Everything Good Doesn't Come from the Microwave: Life After Ravioli and Ramen; a work-in-progress stage play; and a graphic novel of illustrated short stories with a decidedly dark and introspective approach.

Novel works begin with The Mid-Winter Kills, my pseudo-biographical detailing the exploits of investigative reporter Wil Jericho, who uses skills gained in a career with U.S. Army Intelligence and 22 years of journalism to dig behind the illusions, lies and cover-ups he encounters in seemingly ordinary news stories that turn into far more than what the front page tells. The second in the series (a prequel), Gallant Eagle, and third book, Crystal's Demise, are also pending.

My journalism career is comprised of seven years of reporting, editing, photojournalism and radio/TV broadcasting for the U.S. Army, plus 32 years as reporter, bureau chief and editor of commercial enterprise newspapers and magazines in Boston, New Hampshire, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Phoenix Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Germany, and Okinawa.

I also spent five years writing a local and regional opinion column for The Arizona Republic. Comic book and related work includes a script for television's Star Trek: The Next Generation, several projects for DC Comics®, Marvel Comics® and Malibu Comics®, as well as contributing writer and editorial projects for several independent and various Internet publishers.

These are the words and worlds of my life. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed - and continue to enjoy - writing them.